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L&T Machinery Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1990 by Mr.Chong Yuen Fook, Mr. Ho Yoon Loy and Madam Thang Gek Hong. The company's principal activities are supplying and renting machinery, mainly power generators, to corporate consumers in the industrial and commercial sectors. The Company also deals in air compressors and welding equipment. Due to the Company's rapid growth and expansion, the management has appointed several more personnel with specialized skills to serve the various needs of its customers. The Company's network of parts & service dealers further enhances the Company's objective to provide after sales support activities to its customer all over East and West Malaysia, particularly to those who are based in strategic locations.

The Company has an impressive and varied portfolio of customers and is able to provide its clients with different power requirements due to its stocks generator sets with varying capacities ranging from 5 KVA to 1000KVA.

Over the years, the company has grown tremendously due to its reputation in the industry as an excellent after-sales service provider. This has prompted management to increase its stocks and inventory of generator sets, air compressors and welding equipment, not just in terms of numbers, but also in terms of a wide array of branded and quality models.

With the Malaysia Government 'Vision 2020' as a framework towards achieving the status of a fully industrialized nation, we foresee a big potential for our business to expand and grow. In 1993, in order to broaden and stabilize our earning base, we invested into reconditioned forklift sales and rental, and spare parts inventory by forming Integrated material handling Equipment Sdn Bhd. Again, towards the end of 1994, due to market demand and to improve our services to our customers, we expanded into transportation. Efficient Transport System Sdn Bhd was formed for this purpose. Due to feedback from our customers and past experiences, we are confident that our investments will continue to contribute positively to L&T's business operations.


The Company's core business is supplying and servicing industrial equipment (i.e. power generators, air compressors and welding sets) which are required by the fast growing manufacturing, construction and transportation sectors as well as the rapid growing infrastructure development in the country; for example, building of highways, construction of power stations, telecommunication and light rail transit projects. All the approved projects will provide the Company with vast business opportunities to expand its business activities. We foresee these opportunities and would like to participate in the current recovering phase of the Malaysian economy and the surrounding Asian countries, which is also on the road to recovery.